About Us

Firstly, having the creative edge and inspiration to create new original innovative ideas and products is the foremost key to providing a product that people want in the market today. Myself and everyone I work with here at Jakoom, love producing something out of a thought process that comes to fruition into a reality. We believe in British design and manufacturing and can also assist others to bring their ideas into a reality with a route to market. We all have this talent inside us but you only have to believe in it yourselves and have the courage to take the first step.

From an onset of an idea, we test the potential features and applications and if this new idea is needed in today’s market. We create an initial design and from there, nine times out of ten, we see many further uses and possibilities to potentially improve it even further.

3D printer in use

Upon our research and what people are looking for, we then go to a prototype to give us the feel of the end product and in doing so and if successful, we go to tooling the product ready for the market and commence manufacturing.

We always strive and aim for something different every time when we develop our own original products. Having the complete team working together with the desires to stand out from the crowd, this is only achievable with our hard collaborative work and input we consistently provide to make it a success.