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What do we offer?

Thought To Bought
We have access to professional CAD artists and software.

The Thought
Idea concept getting full understanding to this

Due Diligence
Market research, is there similar out there , what market is there etc etc prices

Alternative usage or modifications to enhance
Our in house experts can assist your market research and product viability.

Product design services , Cad drawing
Access to manufacturers in the UK, Europe, The Middle and Far East.

3D Prototyping
Helping you spread the cost of storage, packing and shipping.

Manufacturing costs , tooling costs etc

Packaging , labels final product costs

Analysis of available markets with achievable margins

Options to launch
Keep 100% equity , joint partnership or royalty basis

Full presentation of your product to likely clients

The “Bought”
Product in the market on the shelf.

Innovation Support - From Thought To Bought

We can work with you every step of the way from the initial “thought” to the ultimate aim of seeing your idea being “bought” , doing due diligence on your idea , market research , costings at every stage and most importantly saving you possibly tens of thousands of pounds by being straight and frank before you go too far in the process like many others have done to their cost.

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Innovation Support - Downloads

You can download our Schedule Of Costs and T&Cs here