10 Large Microfibre Cleaning Cloths Dusters Car Buffing Dusters Polishing

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About this product

Set of 10 Premium Large Microfibre Cleaning Cloths Home Kitchen Car Valeting Dusters Polishing. High quality microfibre cloths streak and lint free & very durable. Great to use in washing, drying, waxing / polishing your car, boat, motorcycle, cleaning TV / tablet / phone / computer screen, etc. High absorbency, Ultra soft, Lint free & scratch free.
Easy wash, quick dry & Very lightweight.Utilizes water and detergents. Attracts dust like magnets

  • High absorbency Ultra soft & scratch free
  • Easy wash & quick dry. Utilizes water and detergents.Very lightweight and portable to take it anywhere
  • Attracts dust like magnets
  • Car detailing - shampoo, waxing, polishing, Mop up spills
  • Multi-purposes household cleaning - in kitchen, bathroom, office.Dusting - mirrors, windows, surface, furniture, cars interior
  • Gently dust - laptops, monitors, LCD, mobile phones, TVs
  • Washing Instructions:Machine washable.Do not tumble dry or iron.No bleach or fabric softener, size 30x40cm
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