Great brush for keeping your outdoor equipment clean and comes in a very useful towel and bag to keep everything tidy.

AJ. Clark

Great product with so many uses, I can clean my football boots and oil and clean my tools, absolutely love it and so impressed I’ve just bought several more so I can give to my friends and family members for Xmas. Robust and versatile so I bought a few more.

J Cooper

Nice product. Near handy size. Easy to use and cleaned up my boys football boots in no time at all. Also bought one for aunt to clean off the red setter’s muddy paws after walks. Great versatility, v good price. Great particularly when you are outdoors and want to clean up boots/shoes before getting into the car en route home.

Miss M. Lowe

I got two Aquabrushes. I've tried one out on really filthy shoes and a carpet stain. I didn't need any detergent and they do the job as described. Really useful product.

James Smith

I bought the Aquabrush before Xmas and absolutely love it as it's so multi functional, cleans my footy boots, shoes, my tools and spot cleans my carpets. Great jetting feature for rinsing off the muck when you pop up the head from the bottle and giving it a sharp sqeeze to jet the water out, especially on my dogs paws. Also the tough bristles get right in the small hard to reach areas, it's such a brilliant product & great value, also proud to buy a UK manufactured product.


Must be good. Purchased for my son, who is now cleaning his rugby boots himself.

Mrs S

I bought this as I wanted something to clean my boots when I went out for walks in the park. always managed to get mud on my boots and trousers. This simple brush allows me to safely hold water without spilling so I can clean my boots when I get back to my car. It's convenient for me and saves using excess water and drenching my boots which I manage to always do! I've started using a small amount of fairy liquid in the water and it works a treat.

G Montanna

Use it to apply fake tan to get that Essex look.

Sarah H

Great for cleaning my son's very muddy football boots.


I bought this for my brother at Christmas as he is always playing football, he says it's really good and he uses it every day.